Helping kids come along and belong.

Flynn_Brittany (1)

Flynn doesn’t fit in at school, and his parents are worried. He struggles to belong, but he is just different. Discovering he can hear Dash, a dragonfly, is just the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime. Dash and Flynn become fast friends as they overcome some tough scrapes and create a bizarre science project. Will they become Top Predators, or will they fail?

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“Fast paced, entertaining, short chapters.”

*Couldnt put the story down, wonderful! Whimsical,  good humor enriching vocabulary, great analogies, alliteration and dialogue I learned a lot about the life cycle of the dragonfly My grandchildren will truly enjoy this book.”  Jeanne Fry, Judge, Cascade Writer’s Contest, June 2019.
“The fanciful plot is unexpected yet draws me in. I loved the plot twists. The descriptions are clear and very visual, employing the senses. Some of the dragonfly scenes are as visually stimulating as paintings. ” Anonymous Reviewer, Oregon Cascade Writer’s Contest, June 2019.

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