Dieting is a Funny Thing

Dieting is a funny thing….Two months ago Ken decides to join my diet.  Both of us need to drop seven pounds, but we stay on the seesaw–up a pound, down a  pound.

So, we decide to stop counting points and calories and do an intermittent fast.

An intermittent fast means we skip breakfast unless we are starving. Then we eat a banana or half a peanut butter sandwich.

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At lunch we eat a heavy meal–chicken, wild rice, fresh veggies, loaded salads, tea.

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At dinner we eat breakfast, cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit–sometimes eggs and grits. No more going to bed on a full tummy.

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Essentially we have cut out the meal with soups, sandwiches, processed meats mayo and chips.

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Our weight drops down, down, down–a half-pound every three days.

Ken reaches his goal first, but he stays on the diet since I am still half-pound behind.

Suddenly, Ken can hardly sit because his back hurts. Every third day he is getting a chiropractic adjustment. His doctor keeps speculating. What is going on?

When Ken mentions our diet, the doctor’s eyes light up. He says Ken needs to be a little overweight. Losing the weight is causing his body to shift out of alignment. He sends him home with a bottle of vitamins.

Now Ken is joyfully eating breakfast again and happily gaining weight.

The intermittent fast worked extremely well, but dieting can be a funny thing. You never know when you might need that weight!

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