Help! HELP!

shreyas-bhosale-463817-unsplash (1)PLEASE HELP ME!

My name is Dash.  I’m a talking dragonfly, and I’m in TROUBLE.

My good buddy, Flynn, he’s in TROUBLE, too.

We’ve aggravated everybody in Atlanta, Georgia!

We’ve been so discombobulating that our conduct file, aka Flynn and the Dragonfly, is currently under investigation at Scholar Ed.

It’s simple. The publisher wants a few good people to look over our records and post their reactions.

She is threatening to print all incriminating words of shock and awe on the cover of my book!

But, if you wrote nice things, I would send you a free bamboo balancing dragonfly that looks just like me!

Leave your name and e-mail in the comment section below if you can preview and comment on our story

With your help, maybe Flynn and I could find a way to come along and belong.

Dragongly Blue Dasher

There, I feel better already!


(Want to play Hide’n Seek?)

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