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34987260850_9b8109a041_z (1) Kenneth Godfrey

While I was the pastor at Graysville United Methodist Church in the Chattanooga, TN area, early one Saturday morning I received a phone call.

“Dad is in the hospital for observation and a few tests,” Murphy’s daughter said. “Nothing serious, but I wanted to let you know.”

I usually didn’t visit the hospital on Saturdays because I reserved that day for my family.  Since Murphy’s condition is not serious, I thought, I will go on Monday.

Suddenly an urging came from the Holy Spirit not to delay the trip, but to do it today. That afternoon while my family napped, I made the half hour ride to visit Murphy.

“Preacher, you didn’t have to come down here today,” Murphy commented when I arrived.  “I’m just here for observation and a few tests. I’ll probably go home in the morning.”


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