Music for the Soul

So grateful to have Arlene Ledbetter as my guest blogger this week,

A Dash of Kindness

Sing Unto the Lord an Old Song

Please welcome dear friend, guest blogger, and award winning author

Arlene Ledbetter

“I can’t go to sleep, Grandmommy,” complained my four-year-old grandson, Caleb. “Let’s read some more stories.”

“No way, little buddy,” I told him.

“We played at the park and in the backyard. We battled with ninja turtles, played board games, raced cars and trucks, and read five books. I’m tired even if you aren’t. Go to sleep.”

We played at the park….

I covered Caleb with his beloved brown and tan “animal blankie,” which he immediately kicked off. “I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want to do tomorrow,” he complained.

“Focusing on one thought might help. Try counting slowly to 50.”

He did. “Didn’t help,” he told me.

“Recite your ABC’s.”

Caleb scooted closer and sang the ABC song. “No, that didn’t help either. What do you think…

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