Ring Tones


     Odd, I thought, that a bike would be coasting toward my husband and me on the walking trail.

Catching his breath, the rider explained, “A woman lost her phone on the trail, and I’m trying to help her find it.

“We haven’t seen a phone,”  Ken replied, “but we’ll look.”

Tired from walking two miles around Etowah Park, I wanted to hurry home for breakfast. But when we reached the river bridge, Ken saw an elderly woman standing several yards away in a parking lot.

“Wait here,” he said, calling out to her  “Lost your phone? Have you called it yet?”

“I can’t.” She shrugged. “It’s our only phone.”


alex-holyoake-222954From his pouch Ken pulled his cell and pressed the digits. Seconds later a horn honked from the parking lot.  A friend waiting in a truck heard the woman’s ring tones, located the phone, and held it up for others to see. Laughter ended the dilemma. Everyone went home happy.

“I’m impressed,” I told Ken as we completed our final lap. “You’re a hero.”

“No, I was just glad to help.”  But I had seen love in action

lexi-ruskell-221662    “Love is patient. Love is kind.” Paul defined the primary character trait for Christians in I Corinthians 13.

Carrie Breck, a tone-deaf hymnist of the early 1900’s, also defined love in writing,

Look all around you find someone in need.

Help somebody today!

Though it be little—a neighborly deed,

Help somebody today

Help somebody today, somebody along life’s way.

Let sorrow be ended, the friendless befriended.

Oh, help somebody today!





2 thoughts on “Ring Tones

  1. I confess that I am often too focused on my agenda to notice those who need help. However, I have watched many times as Alex, like Kenneth, has made helping the priority.


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