Are You Confused?

Placeholder ImageSeveral years ago, before I owned a GPS, I headed for a luncheon several miles away.  I had not gone far before I came to an intersection and began to second guess my directions.  Straight or turn left?  Straight or turn left?  Several minutes later, when my reasoning failed, I called my hubby.

“Ken,” I said.  “I’m at the little gray Presbyterian church.”  Do I go straight or turn left?”

It was like Mr. Patience slipped on a banana peel. “Are you lost, already?”  He asked.

It was his emphasis on the word already that intrigued me.  He knew I was going to get lost, he just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

On numerous occasions I have been confused about what to write; how to teach a child in distress; how to pull off an anthem when the soloist was sick.

In scripture Joseph was confused, too.  His brothers threw him in a pit, reported him as dead and sold him to a travelling caravan.  He was further confused when the ruler’s wife accused Joseph of molesting her, her husband believed the lie and tossed Joseph in jail.

But because Joseph stayed in faith, God showed him kindness. Joseph received answers: the interpretation of the ruler’s dream; his freedom from jail; a promotion; grace to forgive his brothers; food to deliver his people.

Last week, I fetched a notepad to record my daily prayer concerns.  As I jotted down each one, I thanked God for clearing my confusions on those matters great and small.  Through the day He gave me answers: snippets of a song,  hints from scripture, inspiration for a promising idea.

“All my confusion he understood,” Gloria Gaither wrote in her song, Something Beautiful. Music for the soul.

The God who fashioned the universe is not confused when our plans fall apart. Instead, he asks that we set our default button to faith and trust in Him.

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