In my late teens, Ken broke off our steady relationship.

On that day I grasped the prayer of relinquishment.

God, I whispered tearfully, if Ken is not the person you want me to marry, you must have someone more terrific in mind–and I wonder who that could be.

I loved Ken because he was sooooo charming–sweet, funny, handsome, kind.  He carried my books to class, opened all the doors, twinkled when I entered the room.  Together we had dreamed of marriage and ministry….

We changed back rings, and I waited for God to do His thing. In a few weeks, Ken came to his senses and came back. Now, forty-six years later, when I chide him for breaking up with me, he grins and says he got cold feet.

Abraham’s servant got cold feet. Abraham sent the poor guy as a matchmaker for his son, Isaac. It was a long trip, to a strange people, with a specific request

The servant relinquished the details of his problem to an all-powerful God, a God who, he believed, listened and cared. A God who, he believed, controlled events of the past, the present, and the future.

“God, let the right girl come to the well,” he prayed. “Let her draw water; let her give me a drink, and water my parched camels, too.”

Before he finished praying, Rebekah, beautiful, generous, pure, available, came to draw him a drink and to water his thirsty camels as well. She was the one.

When the servant told his story, Rebekah’s family showered blessings over her impending marriage to Isaac–even though they could not hug the groom or attend the wedding. (Genesis 24)

Being a matchmaker has never worked well for me. Although I have tried, I am batting zero at matching people up. I don’t understand the complexities involved in the mating process.

And, Solomon, wise as he was, didn’t understand matchmaking either. He mentions the earth shaking like an earthquake over how a contemptible woman ever gets married. He also admits he does not understand what makes young couples click. (Proverbs 30)

I can, however, recommend the prayer of relinquishment for contacting the Mastermind of Matchmaking. He sprinkled my heart with a dash of His kindness and put a lovesong in my soul.



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