In Joyful Song

I don’t sing solos in church.

I quit partly because of my Fifth-Sunday-Night-Talent-Show  debacle.  As a young adult, I had volunteered to sing Debbie Boone’s famous, “You Light up my Life.”

Lyrics–on the podium. Practice–early in the day. But, after leading the opening prayer, the pastor had taken  my  song sheet away..

The paino–playing. The audience–waiting.

Some of that song truely goes, “la, la, la, la,  but that night it went la, la, la, la for-ever….

I still sing quite a bit daily–even without meaningful words. A tune courses through my veins.

From the distant past, King David has encouraged me and other believers to sing.

David, himself a musician,  surely sang as he played a harp for his father’s sheep. As court musician, David also strummed to soothe King Saul’s restless soul. David knew the mystic prowess of the vibrating chord.

David encouraged us to sing because God had impressed  David with His goodness, faithfulness, and love.  To David, God had  flung the starry sky into the heavens and with a breath spoken earth into existence. Since we breathe God’s air and walk God’s soil, David suggested singing as an appropriate way to say “Thank you.”

With shouts of joy, with stringed instruments, and with skill, David said people  should sing (Psalm 33).

I learned about singing joyfully when I accepted a job as director of the Littlest Angels Preschool Choir (same church).  Every Wednesday we practiced skillfully so every six weeks we could sing in Big Church.

One Wednesday night after running through several appropriate, age-related tunes, a fuzzy, blonde-headed kid, with wrinkled frown, whined in a whisper, “I don’t like these songs.”

“I’m so sorry,” I answered,  hoping he would not cry. “What would you like to sing?”

Without pause, he spouted, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog.” Soon that pristine, little choir of angels were rocking and rolling.

Don’t think King David knew that song. Don’ know. He might have sang about his sheep dog….

Those happy, little voices, however,  gave me a dash of joy, and a lesson in singing I would never forget.


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